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Do not forget to declare at customs all electronic articles which are new ( less than one year old) Duch as: photo cameras, recording cameras, mobile phones, etc.

Portable Computers and Electronic items

You should limit the amount of information kept in the hard disk.

Pack all the accesories you may need during your trip: extra batteries, diskettes , transformer or voltage converter, phone adaptors, etcetera.

We advise you to rent insurance for transit in case of robbery or lost. Never dispatch your laptop computer. During flight, if you do not use it, put it under your front seat. It is not recommended to put it in the upper locker since it may be damaged as a consequence of a sudden movement of the plane.

Before travelling, check that the hotel you will stay at has modems or connection ports since wall plug will not always be compatible with the ones used in your country.

Mobile phones: take an extra battery for long trips. If you rent a car, it should have an adapting battery to connect to the lighter.

Cell Phones

take an extra battery for long trips. If you rent a car, it should have an adapting battery to connect to the lighter.

Jet lag

If you travel from East to west, for the last five days before travelling, you should g oto bed and get up one or two hours earlier than usual.

If you travel from West to east, for the same period, you should g oto bed and get up later than usual. During flight, you should sleep as long as you can.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol, coffee and other beverages with caffeine.

Traveling with children

Children younger than two can travel without paying a ticket granted that they travel sat on the lap of one of their companions.
If you travel with your wife or husband plus more than one child, there will not be seats for all on the same line. You should prepare cosmetics, take care and entertainment elements, etcetera in two bags. Thus, each parent will be able to take care of the child that is with him/ her.

Find out if the airline allows you to take prams inside the plane or they must be dispatched. Try to feed your baby before taking off and alter you arrive. This will help him soften the pressure that can be experienced on his ears.

You can also take chewing gum for older children for the same purpose.

Advise: You must be relaxed and never shout as you travel. The baby may realize that you are nervous and imitate you.
Do not forget to take enough diapers, cream, oil, cotton and other elements to change the baby during the flight.

You should take toys or favorite books for older children to entertain them during the flight.

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Argentine Wines

The wine-making region in Argentina spreads at the foothills of the Andean Mountain Range along over 2,400 km., from the Province of Salta to the Province of Río Negro, with a variety of climates and soils that makes each region a unique land.
Abundant sunny days and thermal amplitude favor a good maturity and concentration of aroma and color in the grain.

HDR Photos

This section has come to be named HDR Photographs (High Dynamic Range) and it lets visitors observe 3D photographs. This is the result of a technology that imitates the performance of the pupil in the human eye when it becomes adapted to the light. Thus, these photographs seem real and they provide watchers the chance to feel as if they were in the very same place they are watching.

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