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USEFUL DATA of Argentina

Before travelling


Medical Insurance

If you have medical assistance, check that it covers emergencies in the whole country.


It is very important to ask your doctor about everything related to immunitions and compulsory and suggested vacciness according to your destination. You should do this with time since some of them must be administered from 6 to 8 weeks before departing.


There are some destinations where caution is advised regarding drinking water. You should drink just mineral water, avoid having fresh vegetables, fruits with peel and ice. In addition, you are advised to use mineral water to wash your teeth.

Prescribed Medication

If you are taking prescribed medicines, ask your doctor to write a letter describing the medication you are taking and what for.(diagnosis)

Ask at the embassy or Consulate of the country you will visit about the lawfulness of taking certain medicines or drugs.

Don't forget to take prescribed medicines incide the original packaging.

Before departing, you are advised to get a photocopy of your Medical story and take it with you. You should renew prescriptions to have them ready for your trip.


Travel Documents

You should make three photocopies of the following documents: plane tickets, first two pages of your passport plus those having visas, driving license, front and back of credit cards, reservation numbers and information about lodging and car rental. Leave a copy of each at home and office. Take the third with you and keep it in a safe place.

It is recommended to send a mail to your relatives with the relevant data of the itinerary. Do not take money, documents, traveller's checks and credit cards in the same place. In case of emergency, make sure that you have some of them at hand.

Luggage Identification

Use tags to identify your luggage. One of the most common reasons why luggage is sent to wrong flights is that they have tags belonging to previous destinations. Take them out to avoid confusion.

Hand Luggage

You should pack clothes for two days in your hand luggage, in case you may have to depart from your main luggage. Hand luggage should include cosmetics, change of clothes, photocopies of travelling documents.


Robbery Prevention

It is recommended to keep close to valuable objects as you pass through the security area at destination. Before leaving, make sure that you have all your belongings.

If you are robbed, contact the police immediately and get a copy of the report. Your insurance company will require this documentation.

Prevention at home

If, while you are away, your house is empty, you should avoid making it evident. You should not leave messages in your answering machine suggesting that you are out of town.

Car Rental

Before taking the rented car from the chosen company, check the vehicle to see that there is no damage, that the spare wheel is in good conditions and that the car has an ax and wrench to change tires.

Check that all lights work properly (inner and outer lights). Be sure that the fuel tank is full( Remember that you have paid for this).

If you realize that something is wrong, report it to an agent of the company before departing. Always, ask for details about the offered services, their scope and proceedings to report ant problem.

Before paying for the insurance, check that your company, credit card or personal insurance do not cover it already.
Always, take the rental contract and make a copy.

If, while riding along a road, somebody calls your attention or the car is pushed by another, do not stop until you reach an illuminated and busy area. If this is not possible, sound your horn until somebody comes to help you.

Do not have maps, guides or bags at sight. If you put your belongings in the side seat, lock the door.

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Gualeguaychú Carnival

Each summer, during the months of January and February, the City of Gualeguaychú dresses up to present one of the most expected shows in the area: the Carnival of the Country, which summons thousands of enthusiasts that enjoy the brightness, the joy, the thrill and the rhythm of the comparsas parading before them at the local corsódromo runway.
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Sport Fishing

Argentina is an ideal country to catch all kinds of fish and using almost all existing disciplines. This section is an invitation to see tips and experiences at each of the regions in our country and the fish that dwell in them. Ranging from the dorado and the surubí in the littoral area to the great trout in Argentinian Patagonia, fishing in Welcome Argentina has a very special place.

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