Cycling around Cosquín Beaches

In Cosquín, you will be able to cycle 10 kilometers along the river drive and admire real beautiful landscapes where nature and man's work provide you with an unforgettable circuit.

The circuit is not so difficult , so it is not necessary to be fit. You must be cautious and take a water flask to drink something along the ride.

You will depart from the shop along Presidente Perón Street towards the South. You will ride five blocks until Onofre Marimón Street and turn into it to your left riding until you see Cosquín River.

You will get to Marimón Dam, cross the narrow footbridge and go on your ride to the North. You will pass a beach area with thick woods and stone walls. Here, there are facilities to enjoy pic-nics and there is a springboard to plunge into a deep pool.

Then, you will go by "Azud Nivelador" beach which is located in a wind where the river runs slowly . You will cross the river to observe the intake gates which are closed in Summer and make up a mirror of water which is 5 meters deep, 40 meters wide and 1,500 meters big - ideal place to swim.

  • Balneario Uranga, Pan de Azúcar

    Balneario Uranga, Pan de Azúcar

  • Balneario La Toma

    Balneario La Toma

  • Balneario Juntura de los Ríos

    Balneario Juntura de los Ríos

  • Balneario Villalba

    Balneario Villalba

  • Balneario Piedras Azules

    Balneario Piedras Azules

You will go along the coast until you get to Nº 38 Route, cross the road bridge and half-way , you will see "Pan de Azúcar" Hill located to the Northeast of the city with a Cross that is its typical feature.

Immediately after that, once you have crossed the bridge, you will turn left.
You must ride 100 meters along Belgrano Avenue ( always along the river) and get to Buenos Aires Beach. Here, the river runs slowly, surfing over rocks and wide beaches which are ideal to enjoy the sun or practice beach sports.

300 meters ahead, you will get to Piedras Azules - a place chosen by tourists who like to observe the river running among the rocks. In this area, there is a thick wood that shelters tourists in Summer when temperatures are above 30º C and the sun shines splendorously.

You will go on. You must remember to drink water in short sips from time to time in order not to become dehydrated. You will soon get to "La Toma" Beach.

This beach is the ideal place to enjoy Cosquín Coast. There are bathrooms and lifeguards. There is a camping site, a food shop, a restaurant and the natural charm that turns it into the most popular and familiar place to enjoy water, sun and sand during the Summer.

You will rest for a while and go on with your cycling to get to another beach which is private and belongs to a military colony of the Air Force. You are not allowed to stay for a long time here, unless you are invited by a member of the Colony.

You will have the sensation of being in an endless road but a down slope will help you cycle the last meters of the excursion. The speed reached will be enjoyed as you pass by Uranga or Pan de Azúcar Beaches. Then, you will cross the camping site of "Luz y Fuerza" labor union.

You will get to the junction of the rivers making up Cosquín. It is an artificial dam where San francisco and Yuspe Rivers meet. In this area, there are sites to practice sports, there is a playground and a camping site under the trees.

You will observe that both rivers come together smoothly to turn into Cosquín river.
The natural spectacle and the tranquility provided by the sound of the running water will give you an unforgettable moment of peace and calmness.

After recovering from the long journey, you must go back to the city center where you will make a triumphal entrance with lots of landscapes kept in your retina. Enjoy it!!

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