Marisol, A Natural Swim Hole

A small town that offers a wide array of activities. Its downtown area is simple but growing year after year as new wild scenes are discovered in its surroundings.

The summer destination known as Marisol is in constant growth as it becomes better known for its bountiful nature.

Being a young population, there are many things to be done as far as buildings and infrastructure are concerned. However, as the summer comes, the hotels, take-away restaurants, campsites, telephone booths and cyber cafes revive with the coming of visitors.

The main feature at this village is the fact that the sand hills move around. Therefore, the local denizens are in charge of planting trees in the urban grid and on the coast in order to prevent the sand hills from changing location.

With the strong summer heat, the shady streets are the perfect shelter for pedestrians and vehicles alike. There are small woods in the middle of the center, some houses scattered around and many empty lots.

  • Virgins and endless beaches

    Virgins and endless beaches

  • A natural spa

    A natural spa

  • His generous nature

    His generous nature

  • The sunset beach

    The sunset beach

  • The beautiful Atlantic

    The beautiful Atlantic

We covered the last blocks before the access to the beach through a broad desert street with no plants. Logically, this is the result of the influence of the vigorous wind coming from the ocean. As well, the waves hit the coast wildly. In consequence, it is very important to pay attention to the indications provided by the life guards.

Time flies for anglers who share their enthusiasm to catch either sea or freshwater species. As far as the rest are concerned, going for a walk on the beach or the outskirts towards Mulpunleufú Cascade, Cueva del Tigre (The Tiger’s Cave) and Puente Viejo (The Old Bridge) complete the sunbathing and swimming already available. Those who just wish to rest will find that sunset on the beach is the best sport in the season.

Marisol Beach guarantees that the entire family will enjoy themselves and build wonderful memories during the daytime.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Pablo Etchevers


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