Colonia 25 de Mayo

Colonia 25 de Mayo Colonia 25 de Mayo - Fotos: Jorge Gonzalez

Either before or after taking the road across the desert, the gratification of having traveled such a straight and dull path is managed when this small town called Colonia 25 de Mayo is reached. Visitors are welcomed with all the hospitality they deserve after such a singular crossing.

This modest city in La Pampa is surrounded by dams and reservoirs that supply water in a very arid region in order to create orchards and diverse recreational spaces where the presence of tourism is starting to be familiar.

Its attractions include Casa de Piedra (Stone House) reservoir. An emblematic landmark from all points of view, it managed to change the desolate scenery by giving origin to an artificial lake and a tourist village that started to develop around it.

Colonia 25 de Mayo is a city unlike any other city in the Province of La Pampa. It is worth a visit on the way to Patagonia.

Its typical streets and some houses with charming façades contribute color to a petite urban settlement that prides itself on its quietness and the unhurried passing of the hours.

Map Colonia 25 de Mayo

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