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Adventure Travel in Argentina

In their various modalities, adventure travel and extreme sports are tending to increase the amount of fans worldwide.
Argentina, in particular, is being the favorite scenery for lovers of adventure who are willing to receive a good dose of pure adrenaline.

This selection is not casual, as the geography presents high diversity, in the wide sense of the word, for the practice of these exciting sports.

The sceneries are multiple and varied and all of them ideal to let imagination fly and let yourself be carried away to whatever adventure decrees. Imagine yourself among the endless plains of the pampas, the fast-flowing rivers of the mountain range, the high summits of the mountains and volcanoes, and even the deep and blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. All the sceneries are waiting to be discovered by intrepid adventurers.

Adventure Travel in Argentina

The practice of this kind of adventure or alternative travel allows people to visit unusual or unknown places in a more active way and in permanent contact with nature.

In this portal, you will find all the necessary information, both for beginners in this activity and for those who have previous experience. You will find circuits with different levels of difficulty that will enable you to share excursions with your family as well as activities in which experience and risk await you at every step.

Here you will have the opportunity to know in depth each of the disciplines that are part of adventure travel, where they are carried out, in what time of the year, what security measures you will have to take into account to perform each of them, and the different levels of difficult.

Adventure Travel in Argentina

If you are ready... fasten your seatbelt, harness, life-jacket or simply your hiking boots, and dare to make a raid into adventure travel and extreme sports, all of them practised in a fantastic natural environment offered by Argentina.

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Tribute to nature
Tribute to nature

Adventure travel includes activities through which people change from being spectators to becoming protagonists of the landscape.
Hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, horse-riding, rafting, rapelling, canopy, etc., are the activities that require physical effort, which may be moderate or high, depending on the itinerary choice or the physical condition of the person involved.
The good thing is that in Argentina, and especially in Patagonia, we have a menu for everybody. From hiking on the high country, over 4,000 m.a.s.l., during several days, through rides across ancient forests, kayaking in white waters rivers or in quiet lakes, to rock or ice climbing at the huge glaciers in the South.
What must be clear is that, as we make contact with nature, we have to comply with certain rules that nature itself sets for us to respect.
We must be respectful and conscious of the preservation of the environment and that our pace must not leave permanent traces in the various habitats. Especially, we should not leave any waste behind and this way we will be able to continue enjoying for good the beauty our world offers us.
"The drops of my sweat falling on the ground are a tribute to Nature."

Jorge "Gurí" Aznarez
Tourist Guide
Director of the Desafío de los Volcanes (The Volcanoes Challenge).

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