San Agustin de Valle Fértil

San Agustin de Valle Fértil

Tourism in San Agustin de Valle Fértil

In the department of Valle Fértil, province of San Juan, is the town of San Agustín (also known as San Agustín del Valle Fértil or Villa San Agustín), an oasis of serenity surrounded by mountains and a green landscape. Unlike other regions of the province, Valle Fértil is distinguished by its temperate and more humid climate, making it a tourist destination all year round.

As the gateway to the Valle Fértil Natural Reserve, San Agustín is the starting point to discover hidden landscapes and natural sanctuaries. It is a protected area that covers part of the departments of Caucete, Angaco, Jáchal and Valle Fértil and is home to a rich diversity of native flora and fauna.

The phytogeographical environment is similar to the Córdoba and San Luis mountain ranges, whose eastern slopes receive the humid winds from the Atlantic Ocean. Hence the favorable conditions where the Fertile Valley comes to life and the abundance and fertility of the productive regions.

Cattle ranching took root in this region with the first Spanish settlers and grazing shaped the identity and landscape of the fertile valley. At the dawn of the 20th century, winemaking began to flourish in San Juan, driven by a model of regional economies, and the fertile valley also began to consolidate as a wine-producing area, although on a smaller scale than other regions. Today, San Juan fertile valley is undergoing a process of renewal, with a growing interest in promoting sustainable tourism and environmental conservation.

San Agustín del Valle Fértil has the necessary infrastructure to make a base and visit nearby destinations closely linked to geotourism. One of the greatest tourist treasures of the region is the Ischigualasto Provincial Park, popularly known as the "Valley of the Moon". The park is a geological and paleontological sanctuary of worldwide importance, declared a World Heritage Site along with the neighboring Talampaya National Park. From guided excursions to self-guided hikes, the tour is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a journey through time and treat yourself to an unparalleled experience.

Another park that belongs to the same geological basin is El Chiflón Provincial Park, across the provincial border with La Rioja. The geoforms accompany the discovery of this landscape, whose trails were part of the Royal Road that linked Buenos Aires with Chile.

Adventure tourism activities are another tempting option in San Agustín. Hiking, biking and horseback riding allow you to explore its natural beauty. This destination is also a reference for birdwatchers, a protected sanctuary that shelters a diversity of birds in its forests of horco quebracho, algarrobo, mistol and molle, among others.

Other small towns nearby, such as La Majadita, Las Tumanas and La Mesada, have tourist potential to take advantage of the trip to the fertile valley of San Juan and enjoy the wildest environment and local archaeological circuits.

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