Trekking Cerros Colorados

Behind the hill known as Cerro de los Siete Colores, a well-marked path without obstacles gets deep into the wild nooks and intense hues of the Humahuaca Ravine.

One of the traditional outings in Purmamarca is known as Los Colorados (the red hues). Its name reveals what visitors will see in advance: all the red shades they can imagine and probably more. They just have to discover them.

After a fantastic night at the hotel, where silence and low temperatures if compared with the previous day prevailed, we went out for an energetic walk around the area known as Los Colorados. It was easy for us to find it, as the path is well-signaled at both ends of the town. We started slowly, as it should be done when walking on heights.

We were advised to walk in the morning, as the weather is fresher and the perpendicular sunlight influences the colorful views, especially when it comes to the rocks.

  • The hike

    The hike

  • The right time

    The right time

  • A natural phenomenon, their rusticity is impressive

    A natural phenomenon, their rusticity is impressive

  • All the red shades

    All the red shades

“Good morning”, “Hello”, “What lies ahead?”, were the informal greetings we came across along the circuit. At each bend, we discovered different shades of red in seams or mineral layers inside the rock of the side walls.

The trail goes behind the hill known as Cerro de los Siete Colores (Seven-Color Hill), zigzagging and without slopes. It is made of rubble. The area is arid and features scarce creeping vegetation. We just saw some cardon or other, a kind of endangered cactus. We had some photographs taken next to them as we passed by. We opened up our eyes so as not to miss any details of the rustic layers that make up the rocks, as well as the intense hues each of them boasts. In turn, the sky of Jujuy contributed its blue tone to compete with the mountains.

As we were halfway through the tour, we found a rock detour that led us to a higher point after climbing a little. A vantage point showed us a 360-degree view. Even if we could not see the town from there, it was worth watching the surroundings.

It is necessary to be alert while walking so as not to miss a thing. These formations are the result of millions of years of accumulation of lake and river sediments. As this is a natural phenomenon, their rusticity is impressive. Paying close attention to everything around, we imagined diverse figures as we did some exercise or relaxed, according to the rhythm we resolved to adopt.

Purmamarca captivates visitors with its colorful hills and the simplicity of its people. Spending one night there is enough to discover its essence, which is not perceived at first sight. The tour known as Los Colorados gave us the chance to praise hues, aromas and movements that take place at different times during the same day.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Pablo Etchevers

Bear in mindBear in mind: The road may be taken in any of the two directions and it spans approximately 3 kilometers. It may be covered either on foot or by car. Its difficulty is low and it is advisable to wear comfortable shoes, carry enough water, a hat and sun screen.
It is specially required to avoid throwing litter and to take care of the environment.


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