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La Quiaca La Quiaca - Photos: Marcelo Sola
La Quiaca is a city situated in the plateau of Jujuy Puna in the Argentinian- Bolivian frontier. It is separated from Bolivia by La Quiaca river and limits to the north with Villazón town, Bolivia, to the west with Ojo de Agua Town, to the east with Sansana Town and to the south with La Florida Town.
Located in a wonderful valley surrounded by hills, La Quiaca has dry land and a large scope of temperatures.

In the Northern Puna, this city is the only to offer basic services to the tourist, being one of the most important sites in the Argentinian Northwest. You can reach the capital of the province –San Salvador de Jujuy– by a bus line that rides along National Road Number 9.

The city becomes turistically important due to the wonderful puno landscapes, to the plasted adobe buildings, to the mythical regional celebrations that pay homage to mother land - Pachamama- and , also, due to its people– the coyas- who wear a wide variety of colours on their clothes.

Coming across the most interesting villages and towns of the northwest, which are scattered in a region that was inhabited by th Incas before the Spanish colonization, tourists experience the great discovery of a millenary culture as they go along the surroundings.
Pozuelos Lagoon, Yavi, Seven Brothers Hill , and the whole Puna tour are some of the most important places to visit.

Care should be taken in order not to have mountain sickness by people who visit the zone and are not used to high places.

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