La Florida

La Florida La Florida

Together with its neighbor El Trapiche, La Florida has become one of the most popular destinations in San Luis both during the summer season and on long weekends.

La Florida Dam occupies an area of 600 hectares and it represents one of the most beautiful water bodies in the province. It provides various recreational options such as nautical activities, SCUBA diving and angling. A wildlife reserve allows visitors to make direct contact with nature.

La Florida offers accommodation in cabins, bungalows and camping sites. Together with the anglers’ and hunters’ clubs resting on the shores of the reservoir, they also provide lodging and adventure alternatives.

La Florida is an ideal destination for hiking enthusiasts due to the large number of trails that surround the lake. There exists the possibility of going around the reservoir. This activity is widely spread around the locals during the early afternoon.

Silverside fishing is another great passion among local denizens. They stand on the high walls of the dam both during the day and at night trying their luck.

La Florida is a perfect alternative for all visitors.

La Florida

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