Antofagasta de la Sierra

Antofagasta de la Sierra Antofagasta de la Sierra - Inst. Nac. de Antropología y Pensamiento Latinoamericano
The town of Antofagasta de la Sierra is situated 500 Km. away from the Capital City of Catamarca Province and is placed in the so called "Puna Catamarqueña".
One can get there by plane to San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca City and from it by car or bus through Nº 43 Provincial Road or Nº 38 National Road.

It is a mountainous area with imposing geological formations such as Calalaste Mountains, Aguas Calientes , Antofalla Mountains, Los Colorados and Buenaventura Mountains where there are volcanoes, deserts and big extensions of land covered by salt marshes that make each area a peculiar beauty.
The climate in this region of the country is dry and arid. In Summer, the temperature ranges from 33º C to 19º C and in Winter the maximum temperature is 21º C and the minimum is 1º C.

The town is picturesque with its adobe houses with foundations made of stone and cake roofs.
It offers different facilities to go on excursions through Catamarca Puna. Visiting archaelogical beds, climbing high mountains , meeting weaver craftswomen spread all over the area, going on photo safaries or going to special sites to fish trout are some of the many activities that the tourist can enjoy in this imposing region.

Among the unmissable sites to know, one can find Torreón Hill, Laguna Blanca ( White Lagoon) National Reservation, Hombre Muerto ( Dead Man) Salt mine and Antofagasta, Alumbrera and Galán Volcanoes, being the last ,one of the tallest in the world.
Antofagasta de la Sierra is undoubtfully the best place to stay and visit this inhospitable region of Catamarca province.

Antofagasta de la Sierra

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