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Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn - Photos

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On the coastline, Puerto Madryn is bathed by the blue waters of the Nuevo Gulf to the East of the Province of Chubut. It is located on the cliffs of a small high plateau that features an impressive view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Due to its particular situation, rainfalls are scarce all year round and the annual average temperature is approximately 14º C. Maximums reach 35º C in the summer and minimum temperatures drop to 5º C in the winter.

To reach Puerto Madryn from Buenos Aires, visitors must travel 1,400 kilometers along National Route 3. Various airlines operate daily in the city or in Trelew, which lies only 67 kilometers away. Shuttles may be hired to cover this distance.

One of the tourist attractions that made this beautiful city famous all round the world is right whale watching.

Founded in 1865, with the arrival of 150 Welsh immigrants, the City of Puerto Madryn has a very large steady population and thousands of tourists visit this destination year after year.

Therefore, it continues to be the center of tourist services in the entire Patagonian coastline and the entrance gate to the large Valdés Peninsula, which was declared World Natural Heritage in 1999.

From June to December, various populations of southern right whale arrive in Puerto Madryn and may be observed either on board the boats leaving from Puerto Pirámides or standing at natural viewpoints such as El Doradillo Beach, where the whales and their calves are seen very near the shore.

Diving Capital of Argentina, Puerto Madryn summons thousands of fans that come along to dive in for the first time. And its waters are so beautiful that new followers appear every year.

During the summer, the bathing resorts in the City of Puerto Madryn and its surroundings welcome thousands of visitors. All of them provide the necessary infrastructure and are specially conditioned for the practice of nautical activities, such as windsurfing and obviously sport fishing.


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