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Nono - Photos: Eduardo Epifanio

Fotos - Photos Nono - Photos: Eduardo Epifanio

Located in the touristic circuit of Traslasierra, which is in the west of Córdoba, Nono is 150 kilometers away from the Capital province and at around 920 meters above sea level. Its features make Nono a beautiful natural gift framed by majestic mountains, great valleys, fresh rivers and streams which are ideal to enjoy during the four seasons.

From Córdoba Capital City, you can get to this beautiful town through the "Camino de las Altas Cumbres" (High Mountains Road). Its name comes from Ñuño which means "Woman's breast"- two beautiful hills which stant proudly and ellegantly by Chico River taking care of the smooth waters.

The climate in this region of the country is mild with average temperatures of 28ºC in summer and 12ºC in Winter. The air where Nono is settled is free from pollution and has a negative ionization with a special microclimate that make visitors be happy during their stay.

Among the most outstanding touristic attractions, you can find Sierra Grande of the Comechingones and Sierra de Achala where you can enjoy hiking, horse riding and mountain bike excursions. You can also visit La Viña Lake which is a clear and limpid mirror of water that allows you to practice water sports as well as atherine sport fishing.

You cannot miss places like Rocsen Versatile Museum, Medina Allende Dam, Champaquí Hill, the beaches "Los Remansos" and "Paso de las Tropas" and the sites called "El Huayco" and "Los Algarrobos". The visitor can enjoy regional food and home made pastry in picturesque Tea Houses which are product of Nono inhabitants effort and dedication.

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