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Villa de Merlo en español  |  Today wednesday 11-25-2015

Villa de Merlo

Villa de Merlo - Photos

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In the Province of San Luis, Villa de Merlo is a district located at the foot of the Comechingones Mountain Range, between Mounts El Tren and Divisadero. Featuring an exceptional kind of beauty, to reach this tourist destination, visitors may choose to arrive by plane at the City of San Luis and then take a shuttle to cover the remaining 200 kilometers.

Famous for its particular inviting micro climate that makes this area attractive at all seasons, Merlo has dry climate with an annual average temperature of 20º C. In the summer, temperatures vary from 18º to 33º C, whereas in the winter, temperatures range between 4º and 17º C.

The center of Villa de Merlo is nestled at 890 meters of height and it features ancient constructions from the early XVIII century, such as Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel or the Main Square, with a layout from the same epoch. Other important buildings are the Town Hall, the Post Office, the Police Department and the Poet’s House, all of them faithful testimonies of the colonial period.

Close to Merlo, sites such as Papagayos, Santa Rosa de Conlara, La Angostura and Concarán may be found. These districts and natural reserves brandish beautiful sceneries and archeological and paleontological sites of great importance for the province.

Adventure travel is one of the great protagonists. All sports and the most diverse activities become natural at this place: paragliding, hang-gliding, hiking, mountain biking and 4WD tours. The topography of this coquettish village and its nearby areas is perfect for these thrilling practices.

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