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Concepción del Uruguay's Carnival

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Concepción del Uruguay's Carnival

Pablo Etchevers Gentileza Prensa Carnaval Concepción del Uruguay

LocationLocation: Predio Multieventos de la Estación del Ferrocarril, Belgrano y Maipú
DateWhen: 01/2017

For many people, this is the longest awaited event. January and February, on Saturdays, dress up as an invitation to enjoy the most typical Carnival in Entre Ríos.

Carnival at Concepcion del Uruguay 2017, Entre Ríos

It is essential to have experienced Carnival at Concepción del Uruguay in order to fully understand it. This tourist attraction summons thousands of people not only from the city proper or neighboring districts in the province but also from all towns in Argentina year after year.

Unidos do Bahía and Aimara are some of the groups and comparsas that are already a classic in Concepción del Uruguay. However, this carnival also saves some space for humor, welcoming groups such as Fantasía, Mascaradas and Mundo de Payasos, to name some of the many that are presented every year.

In addition to feathers and sequins, dancing and choreographies, thousands and thousands of foam tubes and water balloons fascinate children and renovate love for Carnival every season. This ancient celebration is considered by many as the best part of summer.

Carnival at Concepción del Uruguay is set at Predio Multieventos de Concepción del Uruguay, which punctually gets decked out in January and February to pay tribute to Rey Momo.

Carnival at Concepcion del Uruguay 2017, Entre Ríos
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