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History of Camarones


The first non-native denizens settled down in what today is Camarones in around 1890, a moment in which those who ventured into the waters had already seen the advantage of the Camarones Bay and its shores to load and unload fruit and all kinds of goods. So much so that over twenty vessels transporting supplies to this location and taking wool, leather and fur away to be traded somewhere else were already circulating in those days.

It was at the very spot where the Salmon Fishing Contest is held today that El Villarino vessel crashed its prow against the reefs of Islas Blancas in 1899. This ship had moved the mortal remains of General San Martín from France and usually sailed the Patagonian shore.

The official date of its foundation is considered to be October 10th; date on which the decree that ordered the creation of the town that then had 200 blocks was passed. The various events that fostered the growth of Camarones took place ever since: the arrival of the telegraph in 1901, the foundation of the Police Station in 1904 and the Peace Court (15 kilometers away from the district, at Paso de Piedra) in 1905.

It was in 1908 that the first message service carrying correspondence from Bahía Camarones to Malaspina –in addition to joining these districts through the transportation of goods and passengers- was inaugurated at the general store owned by Mr. Antonio Arrabal.

This way, Camarones continued to grow and grow, luring new denizens who came along to settle down in this promising town.

The wool produced at Camarones has always been distinguished as unique. Such is the case that the so-called “Camarones wool” -worldwide known today as a specific wool type- began to be acknowledged as such in 1909, when the first Patagonian Rural Society was founded.

At present, Camarones has 1,200 inhabitants who choose the quietness of this peaceful bay, wild scene and attractive silence day after day.

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