Corredor Austral

This is the southernmost of all corridors and includes the South of the Province of Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego.

From the glaciers to the beaches of the Argentinian Sea, this region encloses part of the endless Patagonian steppe, the last stretch of the Andean Mountain Range and abrupt coasts with various features.

Its landscapes are real masterpieces made by nature. Most of its rivers and creeks, large lakes and lagoons, forests, massifs, mounts and beaches give shelter to several fauna reserves and are part of the Los Glaciares, Perito Moreno and Tierra del Fuego National Parks.

Source of inspiration for explorers from other times, this area is now a tourist destination par excellence. Its tourist infrastructure of international level includes the Cerro Castor ski resort in Ushuaia. Magnificent estancias open their doors and invite visitors to relax in a rural scenery or practice activities such as fly-fishing in the splendid water courses that cross these territories.

The land of glaciers has its access point at El Calafate Town, from where many sightseeing and trekking tours leave towards the renowned Perito Moreno glacier.

In the southern end of the country and the continent, geography shows off its wildest resources.

Recommended activities

Total: 159 tours and excursions.
Museum of Pioneers

Río Gallegos - Santa Cruz

Museum of Pioneers

Housed by one of the most ancient constructions in the city, the Museum of Pioneers shows visitors the lifestyle of Río Gallegos in the early twentieth century.

Regional Museum at Rada Tilly

Comodoro Rivadavia - Chubut

Regional Museum at Rada Tilly

A visit to the Regional Museum in Rada Tilly provides knowledge about the first denizens of the area and the chance to admire a replica of a cave featuring prehistoric paintings.

Farms with Open Doors

Los Antiguos - Santa Cruz

Farms with Open Doors

The owners of the local farms have turned every visit into something special, as they show their neat crops and tell stories about the pioneers.

Map of Corredor Austral