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Antofagasta de la Sierra en español  |  Today tuesday 10-6-2015

Photo Gallery of Antofagasta de la Sierra

Photo Gallery (1)

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  • Sunset
    Sunset (1)
  • Black <i>llamas</i>
    Black llamas (1)
  • Petroglyph - <i>Llama</i> parade
    Petroglyph (1)
  • Typical dwelling
    Typical dwelling (1)
  • The Births Chapel
    Chapel (1)
  • Panoramic view of Antofagasta de la Sierra
    Panoramic view (1)
  • Cave paintings at Peñas Coloradas
    Cave paintings (1)
  • <i>Llama</i> shepherding
    Llama shepherding (1)
  • Hiking on the Western edge
    Hiking (1)
  • Regional Weaver
    Weaver (1)
  • Camping at the Great Canyon
    Camping at the canyon (1)
Photos (1): Instituto Nacional de Antropología y Pensamiento Latinoamericano
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