A Challenge Steps away from the Downtown

The courses have been built with much creativity and, what is more important, with extremely firm elements that ensure a pastime without any inconvenience.
In San Martín de los Andes, we discovered a park where a series of witty amusement options for us to have fun and try our physical skills. Its name is Aeroaventure and age is not an issue here, as everyone can participate.

It was easy for us to find it. We left the downtown heading for Junín de los Andes. As we entered, we noticed there were many people in the venue. We took some minutes to see what the proposal consisted in. Our group was made up by adults and children.

There are 4 self-guided courses of different levels of difficulty made up by mobile structures constructed with logs or wooden boards, metallic stirrups and tires, five meters above the ground. Everything is supported by tensors and steel lifelines.

We introduced ourselves to the instructors and, after a short lecture that cleared up our doubts, we were ready to put on the necessary safety elements to start enjoying our experience. Wearing a helmet, a leg harness and gloves, we walked towards the first platform.
  • Test our physical abilities

    Test our physical abilities

  • Imaginatively constructed

    Imaginatively constructed

  • A zip line adds fun and charm

    A zip line adds fun and charm

  • Suitable for minors

    Suitable for minors

  • Some skill, balance and concentration

    Some skill, balance and concentration

  • Have a good family

    Have a good family

  • A hobby smooth

    A hobby smooth

Feeling a certain degree of excitement, we moved slowly along the first lines of the course and became more and more confident. We left footbridges, rope ladders and tunnels behind and dared onto the next level. It is important to point out that the pace is individual.

We took a deep breath every time we reached each of the air scaffolds that separate one stretch from the next. We enjoyed the view from a different perspective and got ready to face what was coming. At that point, we had to change the hook fastened to the lifeline with two carabiners joined by a magnetized wire. This ensures that participants may only continue when both clamps are secured in the next stretch, avoiding any inconvenience.

The physical effort is intense and all of us feel it differently. It goes beyond saying that children were the ones who felt more comfortable, moved with more agility and without tiredness. When it was time to descend, a Tyrolean crossing added amusement and charm.

Some skill, balance and concentration are the best allies to perform this trial with ease and enjoyment. Other courses surround the main structure: a mini-golf and football fields. A coffee place invites everyone to relax after the activity while waiting for the slower members of the group.

In some European countries, it is known as Acrobanche. In the silent mountainous environment of San Martín de los Andes, Aeroaventure has been a new way to have fun with the family. We warmed up on a cold day, safe in the knowledge that we were in the good hands of our instructors.

Mónica Pons / Eduardo Epifanio

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Bear in mind: Calzado: zapatillas.
Abierto todo el año, salvo en días en que el clima sea adverso.


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