A Spa in the Forest

The spa, located on the way to the Iguazú Falls, invites tourists to relax in the quietness of the Misiones Forest: an attractive proposal to improve esthetics and life quality.
Located a few kilometers away from downtown Puerto Iguazú, in a spot of lush vegetation and in full contact with nature, the modern Spa de la Selva invites visitors to relax in the Misiones thick foliage in order to get good health and relaxation in harmony with the surrounding environment.

The spa is managed by kinesiologist Raúl René Ramos, who has broad experience in the field and has completed several specialization training courses.

Together with an important professional staff, he offers this interesting and funny activity of health tourism for all those people who want to improve their life quality through various treatments.
  • In the Forest

    In the Forest

  • Before or after visiting the falls

    Before or after visiting the falls

  • Relax in the quietness of the Misiones Forest

    Relax in the quietness of the Misiones Forest

  • The swimming pool is semi-Olympic-sized

    The swimming pool is semi-Olympic-sized

The spa shows a first-level infrastructure carefully conceived to be included in the incomparable environment where it is located. Perennial vegetation of exotic trees and the continuous presence of local birds are the living elements at Spa de la Selva.

It is important to emphasize that this spa is backed up by Centro Integral Médico in the City Iguazú and has all its support for all the treatments offered there.
Amidst the first level rooms or areas, the spa has a gym arranged to perform customized physio-cardiovascular programs on treadmills. Besides, it has a bicycle, a complete gym and balls for exercising.

The swimming pool is semi-Olympic-sized adapted to perform different body exercises in the water, like hydro-massage, watsu or yoga, walking and massage.

The Jacuzzi relieves visitors’ stress while it strengthens the muscular structure and balances tissue metabolism – among other important aspects. Besides, the spa has a dry sauna, a Finnish sauna, and several boxes for physiotherapy.

Amidst the most popular treatments the visitor can choose to undergo, there is mud therapy, where clay baths stimulate the immune system and are recommended for skin conditions, arthrosis and other rheumatic processes; yoga, which emphasizes the relationship between breathing and mind to ease physical or mental pain, so as to enjoy life and be happier; and last, chocolate baths, which have slimming, detoxifying and caring properties. A massage with this sweet element puts and end to tension, lack of vitality, tiredness and all stress symptoms. A must.

Besides all these treatments, René Ramos offers a wide variety of reinvigorating massage therapies for visitors, such as Thai, ayurvedic, shiatsu or relaxation massage.

It is important to make it clear that Spa de la Selva does not offer accommodation. It is a Health Center, but its proximity to the many hotels in the area makes this proposal very practical for tourists who want to feel good, before or after visiting the falls.
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Useful Data

Duration: 1 to 3 hours, depending on the treatment chosen by the tourist or recommended by the professional.

How to get here: Spa de la Selva is located on National Route 12, at 5th kilometer marker, on the way to Iguazú.



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