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Carlos Monzón, the Greatest Boxer

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For many people, Carlos Monzón was the greatest boxer of all time. Born in the Province of Santa Fe, he knew how to earn the love of all Argentinian people.

Visit to the Carlos Monzón Monument
One of the most eye-catching and odd statues in the city stands on the waterfront avenue, known as the “Costanera”. It portrays a boxer looking up at the sky with his fists pointed upwards and illuminated by the light of everlasting glory.

His acquaintances say that he was a master, whether in and outside the ring, with attitudes of greatness towards not only his close relationships but also unknown people who placed him in the unusual category of a popular idol, reserved for a few lucky men only.

A Story Like Many Others

His parents, Amalia Ledesma and Roque Monzón, had a son on August, 7 1942 and they called him Carlos. He spent the first years of his life in the City of San Javier, immersed in poverty and hardship.

Since he was a child, he had to work in order to help his parents and look for those jobs which made him earn money fast: soda-water seller, milk seller, bricklayer or newspaper seller. Thus, he learnt the street rules necessary for the survival of the weakest.

Under such circumstances, he started to practice boxing while other children went to school, played in the park or in a football field in the City of Santa Fe.
Visit to the Carlos Monzón Monument
On the Road

Searching the sense of life and trying to shape his boxing practice to train as a professional, Carlos Monzón started to go around gyms to become a pugilist.

He had several managers and started a professional career leading to become part of the middleweight division with an average weight of 64 kilos. His first bout took place in his city. His street fighting style brought him satisfaction, but serious cuts as well. It was at that time, because of fate and some disagreements with his then managers, that he met Amílcar Brusa.

His Coach and Friend

“The perfect couple” some people said, referring to the relationship between Carlos Monzón, the pupil, and Amílcar Brusa, the master. This bond was excellent from the very beginning.

His training enabled Carlos not only to learn how to box as a real professional but also how to develop some unknown daily aspects like sociability.

Street fighting and easy punches were soon left behind. This small man who had survived throughout his life by fist punches put his gloves on and managed to become a real professional sportsman with thirst for glory and, of course, his anger while boxing. Tito Lectoure, his manager, was the person who brought worldwide opportunities to him and Carlos knew how to take advantage of them.

His anger and courage led him to be crowned as the World Champion one night in Rome, when he knocked Nino Benvenutti out in round twelve after such a strong beating that Benvenutti's corner threw the towel to stop one of the greatest bouts in the history of boxing.
Visit to the Carlos Monzón Monument
A Master’s Monument

Perhaps he was not such a lucky man outside the ring and could not find the same friends and counselors as he had within it. However, nobody can judge him. His life, as well as his boxing role, has always been a work of art indeed. Standing in front of his statue is enough to remember him while avoiding tears running down our faces.

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Useful Data

Carlos Monzón recorded 14 successful defenses for the World Champion title. His retirement was announced on August 29, 1977. His most famous bout was that on November 7, 1970, when he was crowned World Champion in Rome, against Nino Benvenutti, a contender who seemed to be unbeatable and whom Monzón knocked out in the twelfth round.


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