ATV Ride on the Dunes

The beaches and dunes of Las Grutas are ideal environments to go on an amusing ATV ride.

The beaches of Las Grutas are the natural scene for activities that multiply under the summer sun. There are authorized circuits for sports enjoyed on a four-wheel vehicle, like an ATV, so as not to bother other vacationers.

There are special venues where these vehicles may be rented which also provide information about possible circuits. In certain cases, there are also very interesting guided tours, starting at the spots known as Segunda and Tercera Bajada.

We hired one of those tours, which led us towards the east through a path with stunted vegetation made up by chañares, jarillas, coirones, alpatacos, matacebos and tunas. Thus, we reached the so-called Cañadón de la Paloma (Pigeon's Ravine). After a significant effort, we climbed a steep slope and suddenly discovered a quiet beach where we could ride our ATVs.

  • A fascinating sport

    A fascinating sport

  • Natural scene

    Natural scene

  • Authorized circuits

    Authorized circuits

  • All-terrain vehicle

    All-terrain vehicle

  • Not to bother other vacationers

    Not to bother other vacationers

  • By the streets

    By the streets

  • The beach is ample

    The beach is ample

Farther ahead, we came to Piedras Coloradas (Red Stones), another extremely beautiful site made up by reddish rocks from the Precambrian period. Even if the waterfront was spacious, we came across some anglers and took great care with our moves. In the meantime, others were practicing sand-boarding in the dunes. This sport resembles surfing and is gaining more and more followers.

We continued riding our ATVs up to the place called El Buque (The Vessel), a rock formation that may be observed in the low tide. At this area, the beach is ample and anglers usually go in search of silverside, sea bass and sole. Likewise, mussels can be picked up when the tide is low. And as they have enough food, the birds make a stop at this location during their migratory flights to the northern hemisphere.

We could have stayed longer in the area and visited El Sótano (The Basement) and Cañadón de las Ostras (Oysters' Ravine), but we agreed to take advantage of the rest of the afternoon on the beach.

There are other more adventurous circuits carried out only in the company of experienced guides. We were satisfied with this outing in southern Las Grutas thus avoiding riding our ATVs in the downtown streets and beaches.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Jorge González


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