Gualeguaychú Carnival

Gualeguaychú carnival scenery: The Corsódromo

Carnivals' History

The magnitude and display typical of the Gualeguaychú Carnival have forced the municipality to appoint the venue where the former railway station used to work for the construction of the corsódromo, an ideal scenery to enjoy the show. Inaugurated in January 18, 1997, this is the first of its kind in the country. It is five hundred meters long and its runway is ten meters wide.
This space has all the necessary facilities to seat thirty-eight thousand viewers on grandstands divided into two-hundred-meter sections, boxes with four rows of seats, as well as a VIP sector, with terraced grandstands. In the near future, new refurbishing works will be done on the grandstands.

Corsódromo of Gualeguaychú
The traditional setting where the famous Gualeguaychú Carnival takes places each year. The will take place at the (Piccini y Ayacucho) from January 14 till February 26, on Saturdays from 10 pm.
Piccini St. & Ayacucho St. (North Entrance) - -

Map of Gualeguaychú Corsódromo

The venue is completed with the central building -former railway station or pink house-, which is made up by a reception and protocol room, a room for the jury, a press area and an operations center, as well as the sanitary facilities, gastronomical services, digital sound, security, emergency exits and parking spaces.

Comparsa Parade at the Corsodromo

The significant size of the Gualeguaychú corsódromo has enabled the comparsas to enlarge not only their squads but also the size of their floats, which are out of reach for any other carnival in the country.