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Carnival of Victoria

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Carnival of Victoria

Pablo EtcheversGentileza Secretaría de Turismo de Entre Ríos

LocationLocation: Calle de la Alegría, (Costanera)
DateWhen: 01/2017

Every summer, Victoria is the scene of one of the best carnivals in Entre Ríos; the city dresses up to enjoy this event in the company of thousands of tourists.

2017 Victoria Carnival, Entre Ríos

Year round, the City of Victoria, in Entre Ríos, dresses up to welcome Carnival. Ever since the celebrations begin, thousands of neighbors gather up and are joined by a great deal of visitors from neighboring districts that also come along to take part in this popular festival.

Some of the typical local comparsas are Batuque, Terror Do Corso and Satanú Do Samba. They tinge Victoria with color to please lovers of Rey Momo.

The parade goes along the Waterfront Avenue, one of the emblematic points in this city, which has been conquering tourists from all over the country with its quietness, its scenes and the matchless attraction of Casino Victoria and Sol Victoria Hotel for years.

Thus, every night thousands of visitors are welcomed by the Carnival. They just need to pay a visit.

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