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Santa Teresita en español  |  Today wednesday 11-25-2015

Santa Teresita

Santa Teresita - Photos : Santiago Gaudio

Fotos - Photos Santa Teresita - Photos : 1 Marcelo Sola / 2 Pablo Etchevers / 3 Santiago Gaudio

Located 310 km from the Federal District, Santa Teresita seaside resort borders on Las Toninas district to the North, on Mar del Tuyú to the South, on Gral. Lavalle district to the West and on the majestic Argentinean Sea to the East.
Santa Teresita is a traditional Summer resort chosen by many tourists due to its familiar atmosphere. It has various tourist attractions that grant several proposals for enjoyment and relax.
With temperate weather, Santa Teresita 's summer is pleasant and temperatures range 21º C to 33º C.
Visitors come across long beaches where they can enjoy the greatness of the sea , the sun and sand while they practice coastal activities, such as quad rides, walks or horse riding excursions, or water sports like jet skiing , windsurfing and water skiing.
An excellent way of getting to know Santa Teresita is going on a city tour in which the outstanding cultural resources, the architecture of the area and the peculiar facts related to the history of the town are discovered.
The most important places to visit in this peaceful seaside resort are the Golf-Park Neighbourhood, the Santa María Caravel and the fishermen and craftmen area, where the freshest fish can be purchased.
In the surroundings of Santa Teresita there is a pine tree wood that invites visitors to go on walks and go back to the tranquility and harmony typical of nature.

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