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Nudism by the Sea

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Nudism by the Sea

Mónica PonsGentileza Playa Escondida

The key is to make ourselves comfortable either at a public place or a secluded nook according to our own preference. This is a beach where nobody feels embarrassed when someone takes their swimsuit off.

Nudism at Playa Escondida, Mar del Plata

Playa Escondida, whose name stands for "Hidden Beach" in Spanish, lies barely one hour away from the Mar del Plata. It is a beautiful venue by the sea featuring a non-traditional style. Sunbathing and swimming are practiced in an open way, as nudism is allowed at this location.

People who enjoy sunbathing and swimming without wearing clothes find no difference between nakedness and being dressed. For us, on the other hand, who were visiting that place for the first time, our shyness and prejudice were hard to conceal. We heard the advice we were given and followed the nudist modality at our own pace.

Playa Escondida has an extensive surface and a thousand nooks where beginners at this activity may feel at ease. A solarium sheltered by the wind, a swimming-pool and deck chairs can be found in the center of the venue. As we entered this area, we were told about some common sense rules that help visitors co-exist without inconvenience.

Nudism at Playa Escondida, Mar del Plata

It seems perfectly clear for everyone to know the right moment to let the sunshine warm up their skin without wearing clothes and when it is more comfortable to get dressed. Wandering around common spaces, sitting by the sea to enjoy a drink or a dish at the buffet may turn out to be circumstances in which the skin had better be covered.

Protected by the distance lying among the people and still feeling somewhat shy, we let our bodies free of clothes. It was very important to use a higher dose of sun protection in our private areas, as they are not used to the UV rays.

If there is another outstanding feature at this seaside location it is the wild scene made up by sand hills and cliffs. The dunes were fixed by sowing native plants. As it is away from the tourist center, this landscape rejoices in the chanting of birds and the flying of kelp gulls.

Nudism at Playa Escondida, Mar del Plata

We spent the whole day at this location and became aware of how the curiosity we had felt when we arrived had gradually decreased and we managed to enjoy the stay without reckoning the other vacationers.

La Escondida is considered a place where clothes are optional. Maybe many visitors feel uncomfortable when they are dressed. From our particular point of view, feeling the waves on our naked body was an enriching experience of freedom and it had nothing to do with indecent exposure.

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Useful Data

How to get there

On Provincial Route 11, 552nd km marker (joining Mar del Plata and Miramar) about 3 kilometers from the hotel resort in Chapadmalal, in the District of General Pueyrredón.
The bus company called Rápido del Sur operates that route.

Bear in mind

Like in any beach, it is necessary to wear a hat, sun screen, sunglasses and to carry a chair.

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