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Mar Azul

Mar Azul - Photos : Pablo Etchevers

Fotos - Photos Mar Azul - Photos : Pablo Etchevers

Located in the Province of Buenos Aires, 365 kilometers from the City of Buenos Aires, lies the village of Mar Azul. The existence of this small bathing resort is the result of a remarkable afforestation work that took decades to fix the sandhills and convert them into oxygenating forests.

The weather is mild with average temperatures ranging between 17 and 27ºC in the summer, when sometimes they reach over 30ºC, and between 6 and 16ºC in the winter.

For years, this place has represented the last bathing resort in Villa Gesell and its popularity has increased as a result of the excellent fishing, the possibility to practice engine sports, and the fact that it is the closest bathing resort to the Querandí Lighthouse. All this led to the youngest generations or the most curious visitors to choose this place to spend the day.

Today, Mar Azul is much more than a summer day. Thousands of families have settled down here and challenged the harsh winter by opening cabins and resorts all year round and welcoming the warmer months of the summer.
A campsite overlooking the sea is one of the most beautiful in the country according to many people. It enables campers to have close contact with the sea nature in a totally different way. In this place, a tent, mate, a guitar and bonfires in the moonlight invite visitors to stay longer in the warm summer nights.

Its small commercial center stands "close to all places" and it meets the basic needs for those who spend their vacations in the area. It also manages to attract tourists from nearby bathing resorts, who come along to get supplies.
But almost the entire day goes by on the beach of Mar Azul. Sunrise belongs to the anglers, mornings to the swimmers and later on, the 4WD vehicles, the jeeps, ATVs and horseriding groups turn up to continue their tour towards their final destination: the Querandí Lighthouse. But sunsets are for the romantic of all ages who wish to witness how the golden sun dives into the blue sea.

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