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Esquel en español  |  Today wednesday 10-7-2015

Esquel: How to get there

ZIP Code   9200  |    National Dialing   02945   |   International Dialing   +54 2945

How to get there

By car:
From Bariloche, you take national route 258 to the south along national route 40 before Leleque during 310 km. on a paved road.

From Rawson, you take provincial route 25 to the west passing by Gaiman and Dique F.Ameghino and after 620 km you get to Esquel.

By plane
From Buenos Aires to Esquel, Trelew and Comodoro Rivadavia.
Domestic flights from Comodoro Rivadavia to Esquel .

Distances from Esquel to:

Bariloche (Ruta 40) 310 Km
Buenos Aires (via Bariloche) 1.850 Km
Buenos Aires(via Trelew) 2.050 Km
Buenos Aires 1988 Km
Comandante Piedra Buena (Ruta 40) 1.025 Km
Comodoro Rivadavia (Ruta 40 y 26) 592 km
Dique Ameghino (Ruta 25) 476 Km
El Bolsón (Ruta 40) 180 Km
El Bolsón (Ruta 259 y 71) 192 Km
El Calafate 1276 km
Gaiman (Ruta 25) 582 Km
Gobernador Gregores (Ruta 40) 836 Km
Neuquén (via S.C. de Bariloche) 729 Km
Perito Moreno (Ruta 40) 500 Km
Puerto Madryn 674 Km
Rawson 619 Km
Río Grande 1719 km
Rio Mayo (Ruta 40) 407 Km
Rio Gallegos (Ruta 40) 1.570 Km
Santa Cruz 1110 km
Sarmiento (Ruta 40 y 26) 480 Km
Trelew 600 Km
Trevelin (Ruta 259) 25 Km
Ushuaia (Ruta 40-20 y 3) 1.948 Km
Viedma 1094 km
Ushuaia (Ruta 40-20 y 3) 1.948 Km

International Passes

Paso Las Pampas
Situated at 960 metres above sea level, you can get to this pass south from Esquel along national route 40 until 20 km before Gobernador Costa , where you must take provincial route 19 to the west and drive 85 km, and exactly at 44° 14´ 05” south – 71° 43´ 03” west, you will find a permanent post of Gendarmeria Nacional open from 0800 to 2000 hs. The last Argentine village, Aldea Las Pampas communicates with the city of Lago Verde in Chile along this road, only accessible under favorable weather conditions and with four-wheel drive vehicles.

Air Transportation

Sol Líneas Aéreas Aeropuerto Tel: 0810-4444-765 e-mail
LADE Av. Alvear 1085 Tel: 45-2124 e-mail
Aerolíneas Argentinas Av. Fontana 408 Tel: 0-810-222-86527 / 45-3614 e-mail

Land Tickets Online Tel: 0810-555-7575 e-mail

Land Transportation

Vía TAC Terminal de Ómnibus Tel: 45-4676 / 45-3012 / 45-6554 e-mail
Vía T.A.C. Terminal de Ómnibus Tel: 45-6554
Vía Bariloche Terminal de Ómnibus Tel: 45-4676 e-mail
Transportes Esquel Tel: 45-3529
Tramat Terminal de Ómnibus Tel: 45-1137
MARGA S.A. - TAQ S.A. Terminal de Ómnibus Tel: 45-6755
Mar y Valle Terminal de Ómnibus Tel: 45-3712
Mar y Sol Tel: 49-8047
Jacobsen Terminal de Ómnibus Tel: 45-4676
El Rápido Argentino Terminal de Ómnibus Cel: 15-690949
E.T.A.P. Terminal de Ómnibus Tel: 45-4756
Don Otto- Terminal de Ómnibus Tel: 45-3012 e-mail
Crucero del Norte Terminal de Ómnibus Tel: 45-3038 e-mail
Andesmar Terminal de Ómnibus Tel: 45-0143 e-mail


Cruz del Sur 9 de Julio 1687 Tel/Fax: 45-0985 e-mail

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