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Villa El Chocón en español  |  Today tuesday 10-6-2015

Villa El Chocón: How to get there

ZIP Code   8311  |    National Dialing   0299   |   International Dialing   +54 299

How to get there

By car:
Leaving from Neuquén along national route 22 to the south, you leave behind the area of the valley and its orchards to start travelling in the desert of Patagonia up to Arroyitos, and when you get to the forking of the route in this city, you take provincial route 237 to Villa El Chocón.

Distances from El Chocón to:

Aluminé 232 km
Bahia Blanca 666 km
Bariloche 326 km
Buenos Aires 1256 km
25 de mayo 251 km
Comodoro Rivadavia 1299 km
Cutral Có 109 km
Junin de los Andes 238 km
Paso Icalma 198 km
Paso Mamuil Malal 335 km
Paso Pino Hachado 195 km
Piedra del Aguila 135 km
Plaza Huincul 126 km
Puerto Montt 631 km
Pucón 289 km
Rawson 753 km
Rio Gallegos 2154 km
Santa Rosa 653 km
San Martín de los Andes 332 km
Temuco (via Icalma) 344 km
Temuco (via Pino Hachado) 410 km
Temuco (via Mamuil Malal ) 523 km

Villa La Angostura 377 km
Villa Pehuenia 242 km
Villa Traful 302 km
Villarrica 253 km
Usuahia 2932 km
Viedma 657 km
Zapala 189 km

Land Transportation

Cono Sur Tel: 445-2282

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